The least intelligent dogs in the world.


1) Shih tzu

2) Basset hound

3) Mastiff

4) Pekingese

5) Bloodhound

6) Borzoi

7) Chow chow

8) Bulldog

9) Basenji

10) Afghan Hund

  • In the initial learning requires about 30 to 40 repetitions to show signs of understanding the order.
  • It is often necessary about 100 repetitions of an exercise before giving a reliable result.
  • His response is slow and uneven.
  • After the learning is to have frequent recurrences if the results will be imperceptible as if they had never learned any exercise.
  • Some call these races as "impossible to teach".
  • The reaction to the first order is less than 25% of the time.
  • Sometimes give back to their owners, ignoring their orders or challenging its authority.

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  1. 姚俞妃 10 de agosto de 2010, 23:51  
  2. old vet 25 de mayo de 2011, 13:28  

    Bull dog is the best

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