Eskimos sleeping with dogs!


Many people will tell you that it's a very bad habit to let your dogs get
into your bed. They say that it allows them to feel that they're the boss
and makes them push. Or they say that it's just bad manners.

However, it's a great way to lower your heating bills! Eskimos frequently
sleep with their dogs to keep warm. In fact, when the Eskimos want to call
a particular night really cold, they call it a "Three dog night!" meaning
that it takes three dogs to keep them warm!

There is some truth however, in the sayings of those who advise owners not
to let their dogs sleep with them. It really depends on the relationship
between owner and dog. Anxious, or neurotic dogs are spoiled by allowing
them on the bed at night, and in other cases, it may be just fine.

Sleeping dog

There's considerable debate over this issue, with some claiming that close
contact with pets is hazardous, and others claiming that it boosts your
immune system. My personal opinion is towards the latter, but you can never
tell how others are going to react.

As long as you know who is in charge!

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