Aggressive dog or aggressive owners?


rumors and ignorance have created a world of myths and legends about dangerous dogs.

Some of the features that "supposedly" share all dangerous dogs and we have all heard of it are:

* Dogs of breeds with strong prey drive: rottweiler, german shepherd, pitbull, Belgian shepherd malinois, etc..
* Dogs of breeds of dogs bred for fighting or hunting: pitbull, dogo argentino, american bulldog, tosa Inu, etc..
* Short-haired dogs. Strange as it sounds this is in some regulations on breeding and possession of dangerous dogs. ....................

* Dogs eyes. Supposedly, this is an indicator of emotional instability of the dog.
* Dogs big and powerful race.
* Dogs head wide and flattened snout.

The above list may not ever finish when you consider all the myths and legends that exist around the dangerous dogs, however, that list is enough to realize that all these dogs are only dangerous myths, and not are indicative of anything.

The objections of these features are:

* Thousands of dogs with strong prey drive are used to contribute to society, either as rescue dogs, therapy dogs, assistance dogs for the disabled and why not, dogs allowed
* The above is true for the breeds were originally bred for fighting and hunting. Unfortunately, there are still fighting dogs and that helps to maintain this myth
* The subject of dogs associated with short-haired dog is a dangerous stupidity or phobia of some legislators to the short-haired dogs
* The myth on the eyes and dangerous dogs has spread because some trainers and canine behaviourists, not knowing enough about genetics and animal behavior, have spread that idea based on incorrect interpretations on standards of race. There are hundreds of thousands of dogs with eyes that are not aggressive
* The bite of a large breed dog is obviously more powerful and harmful than that of a small race. However, dogs big and powerful does not necessarily bite more often. This depends on the education and socialization of the dog. Unfortunately, the bites of small dogs are often not reported and this has helped to propagate the idea that dogs are only dangerous in big races
* The head wide and flattened and the snout is not synonymous with dangerous dogs. Any responsible breeder of boxer will tell you that these dogs are extremely affectionate and playful, especially with the little ones at home.

Leaving aside the myths about the dangerous dogs, there is a real characteristic shared by all dogs dangerous irresponsible owners.

A poorly socialized dog, and without any education or training a dog is dangerous, regardless of race, size, eye color or other physical characteristic. Similarly, a mistreated dog may react aggressively out of fear, and must be handled with care.

It is therefore important that, before adopting or buying a dog, you reports on the psychological needs of this and carry out a good socialization and good training. Do not worry about existing myths are just that: myths.

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