The walk your dog


Go walking, it sometimes becomes a nightmare because no doubt when the ride produces much anxiety in dogs: the yearning for a walk, resulting in pulling the strap. And Ian's dog ... it's ours! by not having brought up from a small walk.

In those dogs that are now adults, each time getting the dog for a walk, something that should be part of the routine must be quite ritual behavior. He put the necklace as eager to start running and screaming, the belt strips and tell NO!. Loud and clear, but nothing more. Wait till you feel.

When will be more calm, they can leave. The strap should not be tense ever. When you strip, you must give a strong pull and NO again and you stop. Return to calm, continue. I congratulate you if you walk by your side and relaxed. Each time you try to jerk, Suppress and you do sit down.

Before heading out to walk your dog is very important to bring a small bag with food. If you see that your dog is aggressive to strangers do not hesitate to give you pieces of food with every stranger who wants to know.

Try to keep your dog wherever you go: walking around the city, car travel, picnic and explore the particular neighborhood. When your dog is a puppy more than 4 months, be prepared to take many walks, so do not hesitate to offer rides and tours to help you socialize with other dogs and strangers.

To begin to educate your puppy

Before thinking about going anywhere, try this simple and effective exercise: put a little dog food in a bag and when it serves a walk, go give it a bit during the ride. Hold a grain of food in your hand, stay still and hope your dog feels. Ignore everything else that makes the dog, eventually he will sit. When you do, say "good dog!", And give a prize, it gives only a big step forward, stop and wait until your dog feels it again. Repeat it over and over again until your dog will immediately feel every time you stop. Now given two steps before you stop. Then take three steps and tries to stop, then 5, 8, 10, 20 ... and so on. Until then you have found your dog walk calmly at your side and watch and feel immediately and automatically every time you stop. You've trained all this in just one session and the only words you say are "good dog!"

Beware the dog in the street

Try to take a few minutes of rest in each tour. You may sit, relax or read a magazine and give your dog a chance to go and see the world go by. Find that carrying a stuffed toy your dog lie down quickly and remain calm. Remember: the street can be a horrifying place where the puppy may be afraid to surprise your dog. The best strategy is to prevent these problems, never assumed the sensitivity of having your dog noises. Instead, give your dog a piece of food every time you pass a large truck, a loud motorcycle, or child on a skateboard so your dog does not panic.

Try not to let your dog loose to run and play with other dogs without interruption, as it would get a dog that refused to come when you call. Instead, take your dog to dinner to the park and in between your game session as flames every minute or more and ask to sit for a couple of pieces of food. Your dog will soon capture the idea and your call will be answered.

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  1. Patrice 22 de mayo de 2009, 7:18  

    Beautiful article, thanks for the tips. Keep posting.

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