Who is Cesar Millan?


Cesar Millan is a world-renowned dog behavior specialist, known for his uncanny ability to walk large packs of dogs at a time. Not only that but, from poodles to pit bulls, these now well-behaved canines have each been rehabilitated, rescued from a wide range of extreme behavior issues - anything from insecurity to severe 'red zone' aggression! ........................

Born and raised in Mexico, his blessed gift - a primal communion with nature - always came naturally to him, but his unique connection to canines became most noticeable around the age of 13. Everywhere Cesar went, there always seemed to be a swirl of dogs surrounding him. The locals gave him a nickname, "El Perrero" - Spanish for "The Dogman".

Cesar embraced this gift whole-heartedly, and he came to America to pursue his dream of becoming the greatest dog trainer in the world. He soon realized, though, that he was searching for something rather more profound than teaching dogs basic commands.

Heeding his grandfather's advice to 'never work against Mother Nature', Cesar acquired yet another pack of dogs. He passionately studied books on dog psychology, but it was through his own observation, awareness, and first hand experience that Cesar distilled his own formulas that clearly kept dogs balanced, calm, and submissive.
Cesar first captured the national spotlight when his National Geographic Channel series Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan premiered in 2004.

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