Educational tips for your puppy.


When the puppy does not want a thing done, apply a corrective to that I realize that this behavior is associated with an unpleasant feeling. For example, you can sound a horn to the ground or throw a pileup that make noise.

When fighting

It is important that he fights at the right time, when you've caught in the act. Rebuke, then it serves no purpose not associated with action.

This rule has always applied that to get results and get the puppy learns that this behavior is linked to an unpleasant feeling.

Leave or not to climb the furniture or bed

If you are clear that when you do not want to grow up, you should always start from puppy prohibited. You enjoy their company sometimes in bed or on the sofa, why not have this delicious provarte pleasure, but only if you climb it and say it can never take the initiative

Teach him to walk with leash

First you must teach him to sit. You will be very good to control when passing another dog or when you peer at a traffic light:

* Get about 50 cm. front of a wall and placed the dog at half distance between the wall and you
* Teach a sweet, very close to the nose, above. Will be forced to throw your head back and the only comfortable position is sitting
* When sitting, repeated many times the word or command you've chosen to ask to sit (sit, sit, sit ...) and give the prize

Prior to the street with out a leash, should be used to carry collar at home.

Before opening the door to leave, it feels Order. Only when you are sitting, open the door you first come out, choosing the direction of the tour.

Teach him to walk at your side and stop at the same time as you, ie you watch outside the home.

Every time you pull the strap changes direction disoriented. If you always do for the first rides, the dog will learn to adapt to your step.

At first it is very expensive, but if learning is correct, the disfrutareis two walks the rest of his life.

The choice of a collar for walking

Asesórate well before you buy a necklace.

Faced with a serious behavioral problem consultation with a specialist, as the misuse of certain collars could cause physical and psychological damage in dogs.

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