How to prove who is the leader.


  • Do not ever respond to their demands for attention: ignore (nor look, nor speak, nor touch, nor even to inform him to desist). Once you have stopped to ask your attention, call everyone and give cuddles, caresses and play as you want. Although it sounds a bit harsh, the dog accepts being relegated to last place, without more, when you prove you're a good leader. In fact, for any dog is easier to live without the responsibility of leadership.

  • Do not give him food when you're still sitting at the table, because their interpretation is that interrupt your meal to give it to him.

  • Him to eat when the family is finished and the table is collected. The dog is always the last to eat. Stay away from the trough until it has finished.

  • Do not forget to upload their own initiative, to their beds or chairs, which are the places that correspond to who has the higher rank. If you want to go, you invite them to rise and then fall. In case of problems this fall, not again afford to have worked for your new leadership.

  • The leader always goes first through doorways, hallways, stairs ... If you stop the passage, dragging his feet walking bothering to lift.

  • It acts in the game beginning and end when you decide and how we play out in paragraph of the game. If you take the hand to mouth, playing, and pressed a sharp cry, be strong and fast enough so that, in most cases, you loose. Any attitude that goes beyond theirs, will interrupt the game.

  • Give many cuddles and caresses, but the initiative of the beginning and the end you must have.

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