As leader of the pack.


The difference between a puppy and an adult dog is the first that can actively influence their socialization, while an adult dog to be applied without physical therapy to correct those verbal or inappropriate behavior, either within or outside house.

Almost all the problems of aggressiveness, dominance, destruction or phobias can be treated successfully with specific therapies, which, depending on the nature and problems of the dog, and the character and lifestyle of the adopter's attitude with the family dog relevance becomes very significant.

Creating a safe environment for your dog, acting with him as you would a real pack of dogs, simulating its hierarchical structure and being a passionate leader, calmly and consistently, can start working. No matter how old you have the animal. If a dog is too old, the only thing that can happen is to take a little longer to get results because their behaviors are deeply ingrained.

How to face a re-education.

Like the puppy, you must follow the basis of:

  • Consistency in the application rules
  • Serenity and reflection before a problem
  • Mark of limits and rules from the beginning

With adults without discipline will have to start from the beginning, as if they were puppies.

You are the leader from day one.

- The dog provides to humans of the house as members of a herd in which he must find his place, which will always be the last

- From the first time, by consistent and calm, you have to send the messages necessary to understand that all humans are of the house above him, hierarchically speaking. This way you ensure that if one day the family is large, the new leader will be human and therefore worthy of respect and affection

- Believe a safe environment where he did not detect any threat, from any liability relégale and live happy and calm at home.

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