Go to the bathroom Puppy.


Go to the bathroom

This is one of the everyday problems that most annoy many owners of any dog. The solution of it depends on consistency and good training. There are dogs that discipline in a matter of days and there are others who for years without learning. When that finally happens it is usually the owner of the dog who is doing poorly trained.

At two, three or even four months old, the pups are too young to control his bladder and bowel habits. Do not be angry when their needs anywhere in the house.

At any age a dog that has not received training landlord needs time to be physically able to learn to “endure” the trip to the bathroom. The puppies sometimes go to the bathroom in the right place. It’s your job to create opportunities for your puppy go to the right place, elógielo and obséquiesele awards when she does, and repeat this experience quite a few times to create the habit. The young pups can take several months to be tame. You can help them like this:

1. Always take your puppy outside the home in the morning (or the site you choose) as First thing before you do something different.

2. Always take your puppy outside the home as First thing after consuming a meal, and after he wakes up from naps.

3. Prepare a regular schedule of sleep, eat and go outside.

4. Prepare quarter of puppy or area where he stays when not supervised and until it is housebroken.

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