West Highland White Terrier


The West Highland White Terrier

is a white dog that at first glance appears to have been bred so that is funny and active.

It really is an excellent dog buzzard and much more. Able to penetrate, which makes great skill and often in the cracks and caves where the animals are hiding damaging.


This breed, as its name implies, it is natural for Wales. In the sixteenth century and was the best of everything Welsh terrier.


This is a wonderful pet dog that adapts well to life in the apartment, house or farm. It is very faithful to his master and very good with children of the house, but does not tolerate child abuse. You need to socialize with other dogs, like being taken to obedience classes and walk to the park where there are other dogs and people, otherwise it may become somewhat aggressive. The hair requires minimal care, but it can also be attended by a canine hairdresser to look like a little person.

The West Highland White Terrier is the problem of hereditary deafness is not common but it is something we must keep in mind if you decide this race. Take the puppy to the veterinarian theirs to make a medical examination before finalizing the deal to buy.

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