Recommendations to train a puppy.


Establish a daily routine from day one. A puppy should know when it’s time for dinner, time for recreation, lessons and tours at the same time each day. Therefore, if you spent the entire first weekend with him and leave it alone all day Monday may cause a lot of anxiety! If you bring it home in one weekend, let alone for progressively longer periods of time. Set of puppy food for all to be made at approximately 5 or 6 pm if you lie at 11, and very little water after that. Be on your regular bedtime (and your puppy) and the time it gets up in the morning, to help your puppy to learn to check through the night.

Set your house rules. If you do not want an adult dog jumping on the furniture, do not allow the puppy to jump on them. Tell all visitors (and family members!) Continue their house rules. No matter how smart or nice look when it is small, most people do not want to see your adult dog jumping over all the furniture in the house.

Never repeat an order. The repetition dull the dog, the puppy will not understand when you say “Come here, come here, come here” and step to be trained not come when you call. Say it once and in high tone of voice, but not scare the dog.

Awards: The beagle is a dog of a very acute sense of smell and appetite, take advantage of these features to train it, giving awards odorous well when done right things. It is important at times instead of just one meal give you warm congratulations and playing around with. It is also indicated by a meal replacement toy or object that you like the dog too. In any case, do not always rewarded with food or hinder him in obedience training post.

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