Questions before taking buy a dog.


Such are the questions that must be taken into account before deciding to have a dog.

Will I be able to continue caring for a dog for many years?
* Most dogs have an average lifespan of 10 to 18 years must be taken into account if we want to care for that period of time and not discarded at any time.

Would you like to members of my family who have a dog?
* Not all members of the families have empathy with the dogs, not to have future discussions with your family will be better to list it and reports to buy one.

Will there be someone at home for much of the day?
* As we all know what dogs suffering from separation anxiety and if we are not with them, seek entertainment and damaged the furniture, barking, crying and a lot more this is something that must be taken seriously.

Do I have a garden or terrace suitable for the dog?
* The dog needs a space to play, scratch, toileting and other activities that have dogs.

¿Upset by the dog to the neighbors with their barking?
* In order not to disturb the neighbor your dog should receive special training so that relations with neighbors.
if you live in a building you have to ask whether dogs are permitted.

Can I pay a care insurance for pets, knowing that vaccines are not included oblige?
* For the pups have to put that this helps immunizations that enfermedaders not affect them.

Is there a family member who suffers from asthma or might be allergic to dogs?
* It is a very important point should not affect the health of our family.

Well and taking into account all these points now if we can buy our puppy or adopting better.

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