As being the leader of my dog?


Speaking of leadership within the flock is also talk of rank, as a dog for every member has its place, is something natural in them, and will always be those who want to occupy the first place, the so-called Alpha.

If you are the alpha in the pack is that you are the leader for your dog, and therefore his boss, which will lead to yet more of you, you will obey and follow every time. Since the post of leader is how best to educate your dog, that is why we must watch for early signs of dominance of our puppy, because if we lose the leadership we lose everything.

Nearly 100% of the problems owners have with their dogs, because they happen is the dog that ranks alpha. We care too much for caring and giving love, without paying attention to their attempts to climb positions in the rank, and then come the complaints.

The leadership must be imposed in each situation, both inside and outside home in the rides, correcting the dog every time you want to act as alpha, and especially marking the rank if challenges us, but not abused. The more orders you to teach our dog, the better, because that helps a lot to keep in a state of discipline, central to his upbringing.

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