When a dog is dominant?


because when we say that a dog is dominant we are also speaking to our level of leadership in this pack.

As a general rule, one might say that a dog that gives problems is a dog that has no leader, can not a dog with a dominant nature, but if your dog is dominant, most probably already started to show ways in the litter, with his brothers, being the most eaten and therefore the largest.

A dominant puppy will be distinguished by their behavior in your presence:

*Probably invade your space without asking permission, subiéndose over when you're sitting or lying down.

*To growl and threaten you if you want to remove something, either a toy or food, even with closer can only warn you.

*Not accept that he correct his bad behavior, and therefore you bark.

*When going out your puppy will be the first to cross the gate.

*During the walks that he will go ahead, throwing and going to where you think.

The list above shows clearly that you're not the leader of your dog, you should act to hold this position in the pack, but when it comes to a dog with a dominant change that will not be so easy because we are going to challenge more than once.

To be a leader does not require many secrets, it is true that there are people that find it less work, it is a matter of character. It has more to do with the way that you go to your dog with complete technical.

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