Marking the rank to your dog.


A few days ago and described how on how to dispute something when your dog is doing badly, ideal for those occasions when it caught "in flagrante" something that should not be biting, with your shoes, put on foot to see what to eat of the table, etc ...

For this method to be truly effective your dog needs to know from whom comes the warning, because it can happen that notes that not even so much if you do, or who believe they're still games with him. You may also have noticed that in general you mascot you do not have any respect or fear.

Your dog is not going to teach him with making unnecessary punishment damage, hitting ... these are NOT ways. You have to learn that you're above his rank in the family, to the rank of the pack, and for that we must act in a language he understands.

This is accomplished with a technique that is to topple the animal belly up, put your hand on his chest and looking fixedly into my eyes. All this in a prompt and energetic, drawing the anger that you have caused your attitude, keeping an eye fixed on her eyes until it apart with his other hand, the latter is important because with this gesture, with this turn of his head We will be saying 'OK, understood, you win, you're my boss. " We will have at that moment a submissive dog.

The sooner you start to teach your puppy who is the boss, the easier it will be their education in other ways, and sure you will avoid many dislikes, but if your dog is too certain age and it is high time that we practice this exercise, though will not be as easy to do as if it is small. Nor should abuse this technique, you have to use in those cases where you see that he challenges you, because you get angry (mostly) or because you disobey something important.

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