Gordon Setter, clever and majestic.


Name RSCE: Gordon Setter;
Name EKC: Gordon Setter;
Recognition: EKC Gundog Group;
Color variation : Black coal spots with cinnamon.
Height: 10.2 - 27.2 inchs.
weight: 25.5 - 29.5 kilograms


Bred originally in the castle gordon, scotland, the Gordon Setter was the first Scots hunting dog recognized formally.
Result of crossing the Bloodhound and collie. It is the largest of Setter.

This dog is a good mascot for the person who can provide care and exercise. In contrast to the other setter is good guardian of the home. It is suitable for large homes where there are children who do not abuse the dog. It is not recommended for an apartment, does much better in a house with a garden. You need the company of its owner. It should lead to exercise often. The hair should be brushed often.

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