Golden Retriever, kind and trust.


Name RSCE: Golden Retriever;
Name EKC: Golden Retriever;
Recognition: EKC Gundog Group;
Color variation: Gold and cream.
Height: 20.4 - 24.4 inchs.
weight: 27 - 36 kilograms.


It is used for recovering hunting, work very different as are the detention of drugs and explosives, to guide the blind, rescue and obedience.
The layer of hair, smooth undulating or have a good plumage, with a dense layer inside and impermeable to water.
Golden is an active and energetic breed, which measured between 51 and 61 cm.
It is an intelligent and obedient dog, and a skilled worker. This is one of the most popular in the world.
The provision of the Golden Retriever is desired to be self-assured, friendly and willing to obey. It is not desired to be shy or aggressive.

This breed was created in England. The Lord Tweedmouth started to breeding a golden retriver in 1865 which was called Nous. This dog is crossed with a bitch spaniel Water. Continued cross emphasizing their skills on their appearance. It is possible that he has added something of Bloodhound. In 1890 and the breed was relatively established in the 1890's.

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