Considerations to educate the puppy (1)


Having a dog at home to live with the rest of the family, we must not only meet so loving, nice, and it is beautiful, but also it must carry well. This last quality does not come with the puppy at 100%, is the need to teach us.

Living with a dog is not trained as a video player and not knowing how to implement it, just give us satisfaction, is more or less attractive in the living room of the house but nothing more.

First we must clarify that the education to which we refer is the BASIC, because there are other more specific training (rides, competitions, hunting, dexterity ...) which usually begins when the dog is already practically an adult. So, while educating dogs 6 months to 6 years of age may give satisfactory results, whether it will be better trained before.

A puppy between 10 and 20 weeks is a "sponge", the imprint of anything that will teach you, because it has not yet begun to produce hormones, is focused on its own and will not be distracted with other things. We are their leader, we provide food, water, security .. that's why we are still around.

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