Starting to walk your puppy (1)


Every day owners' comments come a very desperate for not knowing how to address the education of her dog, and those with beagle is it an even more delicate, convinced that have met with race more difficult to educate.

One of the big advantages that the cub is already protected by their immunizations is that we can walk your dog, since the departures so far have been solely to make their needs. Our dog is going to face for the first time two new elements: belt. We must bear in mind that your first reaction is going to be surprised and here are some tips for making this experience is positive.

Let me tell you that this necklace first thing you buy your puppy obviously not going to be the definitive one, like the leash because your pet will grow enough in coming months to demand a greater and wider collar, leash and a more robust and thick.

In order to make the first trip is the least traumatic, we will soon get used to our puppy to the collar. That is why it is best ponérselo at home, without the belt, just before a session of games, so this experience will not be negative. Do not let that stop to nibble the collar, not scold him, just with what distract games. Having been playing around with it, because you can remove the collar, but NEVER take it away while trying to remove it, if they so distracted again. The next day repeat, so that more time be given to the collar.

El tercer día vuelves a ponerle el collar antes de la sesión de juegos, seguramente se pondrá muy contento al ver de nuevo el collar, ya que lo estará asociando con algo bueno. Después del juego no le quites el collar, déjalo con él puesto, pero obsérvalo por si intenta deshacerse de él, ya sabes, lo distraes con algo. Siempre es buena idea sacar al cachorro a que haga algún pipí después de jugar, así que haz lo propio con el tuyo: lo sacas fuera como siempre, pero esta vez con su collar puesto, y se lo quitas al regreso a casa.
En la segunda parte de este artículo ya le pondremos la correa.

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