First night of puppy at home


It is assumed that you already have prepared everything at home that your beagle puppy will need, now the only thing missing is his presence to make sense of the whole process of preparation beforehand. Two things are essential at this time:

*For the puppy EVERYTHING is strange. We have separated from his siblings and mother, the bed in which he was born, and now ... come to a place that smells different, with people, and maybe some other pet.

*What happens in this first night will mark his subsequent conduct.

With this backdrop, it is quite likely that the puppy suffered after the change and feel exhausted a few hours of the night prudent. If you stand up later it is logical that becoming accustomed to this schedule for the next few days, and of course, it may not be the best for us and our neighbors. That's why it's best start since the first day of the puppy at home dialing patterns.

If we have opted for the cage (recommended), get the puppy in it, duly fitted out with a small blanket, but without shutting the door. The important thing is knowing that even if we ignore the puppy cry, this is critical. Do not you miss anything, simply because it's a puppy cries outside her litter, so we will not give in to their cries, we will not see it, much less the draw. We must be firm because in the end is sleep.

In doing so we are starting to educate, and over time we are glad of that.

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