Setter Irish, Affectionate and fun.


Name RSCE: Setter Irish;
Name EKC: Setter Irish;
Recognition: EKC Gundog Group;
Color variation: Bright red chestnut.
Height: 23.6 - 28 inchs.
weight: 29 - 39.5 kilograms


This is perhaps the most famous Irish dog.
In general descends from Spaniels. The layer of red uniform was the result of a planned breeding. Live, gentle and elegant, the Irish setter is wonderful and beautiful.
It is very active, with tireless running and desire to hunt. Affectionate, he likes to play setter and affection.
The Irish Setter enjoys a long lifespan. Caring properly usually live from 16 to 17 years.
The gestation period is 60 to 65 days.

Many people kept as a pet and proves to be very good with children of the house. It's a dog a lot of energy and needs daily exercise. They also demand close attention if you are going to keep as a pet. It's something stubborn and patience is part of the care required. Actually highly appreciates the company of its owner, which will arrive at its disposal to notice over time. The hair must be careful.

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