How to dispute the dog.


Should already know that the dog should always be fighting just when you're doing something you should not, if you do not then you will understand, will not do any good.

The way to wrangle, warn of, has to be done in the way that he better understands, and this is what qualified as did her mother. In the litter, the mother reprimands to get their pups by the neck (for the thick skin) and shaking so strong. Sure that once you've seen on TV, so that is what we have to do with your dog when you're taking something that should not, when you are so annoying bites, and so on.
Try to practice first with a cushion or pillow, you must do it with quick movements and shorter, and no more than a second, that simple. If you also tell him no, no! very angry in tone, the better. After squabble does not look, leave it as if it did not exist, and if the time comes to you from an almost submissive, make him a little caress. Do not be spiteful to him.

This practice should start as soon as possible, and even puppy, but if your dog is already grown even more're on time, just to be a bit less easy. Nor abuse, just let them when it really deserves.

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