Cocker Spaniel. Happy by Nature.


Name RSCE: Cocker Spaniel;
Name EKC: English Cocker Spaniel;
Recognition: EKC Gundog Group;
Color variation: many.
Height: 15.2 - 16.4 inchs.
weight: 12 - 15 kilograms.


The Cocker is one of the oldest breeds Spaniels, used for hunting quail and partridge.
He was accepted into the English Kennel Club in 1892, and club cocker spaniel has a temperament and affectionate lenient, but is full of energy.
It is a great pet for adults who can devote time the dog. Experts do not recommend children in homes where there are already some of these dogs have a tendency to bite. At least teach children that the dog must be respected and that is not a toy.

From an early age should define who is in charge at home, without abuse or physical shock, but neither let the dog bad upbringing. The obedience classes are necessary and should be started as soon as possible. These dogs like to remain on the company and its owners also have a task to develop. It means that you should not ignore and we must make you feel necessary. Its size is not very big lets you adapt well to life in apartment or house.

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