Springer Spaniel, Obedient and docile.


Name RSCE: Springer Spaniel ingles;
Name EKC: English Springer Spaniel;
Recognition: EKC Gundog Group;
Color variation: Liver/White, Black/white.
Height: 20.4 inchs.
weight: 22 - 24 kilograms.


The Springer is a traditional hunting dog in difficult terrain, is the hunting dog sports oldest.
It's a great breed, versatile whose initial goal was to find hunting and mobilize toward the net. It needs regular exercise to keep fit and not get bored.
This brees is usually good with other pets such as cats and ferrets, but in certain situations, they can not tolerate dogs of the same sex. However, the English springer spaniel is not suitable for households with birds as pets, because their natural instinct to hunt. As with all breeds, the dogs must come to get used to other pets and it's better to introduce two pets at home when they are both very young.

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