Labrador Retriever. Intelligent and obedience.


Name RSCE: Labrador Retriever;
Name EKC: Labrador Retriever;
Recognition: EKC Gundog Group;
Color variation: Yellow, chocolate, black.
Height: 21.6 - 22.8 inchs.
weight: 25 - 34 kilograms.


Originally from terranovay the coasts of groelandia, Labrador was used by fishermen to collect and pull fishing nets towards the shore.
Employed in the recovery of hunting and much appreciated as lazarillo and drug and explosive detector, is an excellent swimmer.
Noble, obedient, intelligent, playful with the boys and willing to endure all sorts of torture of children.
The Labrador Retriever is a dog of medium strong constitution and good muscles, but not excessive. The form is slightly square or rectangular: the length is equal to or slightly higher than the height. The body has a balanced structure that allows it to move without showing any effort. Have the attitude worthy of a dog exceptional work without aesthetic refinements.

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