Considerations to educate the puppy (2)


In the teaching of the orders you have to be somewhat methodical, it's good to keep a sort of protocol, prepare the dog in an environment and space suitable for training, in order to seize the few minutes of "class" and they take as a daily routine more.

It is best to use a time and place in which we are alone with our puppy, if there is another person it should stand aside and avoid a distracting, so an empty room would be the ideal environment. To log on, we can use any word or phrase (school!, Class! ...), So we will have more predisposed in successive sessions and encouraged more will come.

It is also important to take before, and without him we see, the rewards that we will use in the training session, pudiéndolas to hide the pocket of his shirt. (In the pants the prize will be closer and it will smell before). With this simple protocol we will keep training as much as possible to concentrate our puppy during the 5 minutes that is going to take the class.

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